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immortalbliss's Journal

Immortal Bliss
6 July 1976
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I'm 27 years old. I'm originally from West Virginia, but I'm now residing in the town of Big Spring, Texas which I like to refer to Mayberry on Crack. I'm not that interesting of a person, but I will be perfectly honest to you, if you ask me something. I don't associate to those who are fake. Be yourself and all will be fine.
anime, anita black(vampire hunter series), ankhs, anne rice, arousal balm, astro glide, athames, bats, billy wirth, black lights, black nail polish, black satin, black velvet, blackwood farms, blood, blood and gold, bondage, boris vallejo, brom, buffy the vampire slayer, candle wax, candles, caves, chains, chalices, charmed, christina ricci, coal chamber, collecting shot glasses, complaining (aka bitching), confetti, corsets, cradle of filth, daggers, dark candles, darkness, david boreanaz, dead journal, demons, devils, dragonflies, dragons, dream catchers, dreams, erotica, evanescence, everquest, fairies, fairuza bulk, fairy tales, fall, fantasy, freaks, full moons, gargoyles, ghosts, ghouls, glitter lamps, goblets, gods/goddesses, goth, halloween, handcuffs, harry potter, horror, hot topic, ice cubes, incense, interview with a vampire, joey jordinson, joseph vargo, keanu reeves, knives, laurell hamilton, lava lamps, laziness, lightning, london after midnight, long hair, lord of the rings, love swings, making labels, manson, masks, mayfair witches, memnoch the devil, merrick, monolith graphics, monsters, movies, my ruin, mythical creatures, nature, neve campbell, nymphomaniacs, odd hair dyes, online quizzes, oral sex, paganism, paranormal romance, pen palling, pentagrams, perverts, piercings, pixies, poppy z. brite, pornography, queen of the damned, reptiles, restraints, rose mcgowan, serial killers, sex, slipknot, spongebob, stars, stephen king, stickers, switchblade symphony, swords, tarot, tattoos, the color black, the lost boys, the vampire armand, the vampire lestat, thunderstorms, unique fountains, vampire chronicles, vampire hunter d, vampires, velcro straps, video games, vin diesel, walt disney movies, warlocks, waterfalls, wax tarts, weirdos, whips, wicca, wind chimes, witchcraft, witches, wizards, wolves