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Hello Everyone

I'm quite amazed this site hasn't been deleted since I haven't used it in so long.  I'm sitting here at home out of work for 2 days.  My backs alittle screwed up from lifting to much at work.  I decided to pull this up and see if it still exsisted and sure enough here it is.  I don't remember how to change the layouts or anything of that nature, but that's all good, no biggie anyway.  
I don't really even know where I left off, I should go back and read some.  I mainly just visit myspace, which I have a new page.  The other one was so impersonal, I ended up having over 5k friends on there.  I can not juggle that many friends.  No way possible. 
I still work at Walmart, which is still a stupid job, but it pays the bills.  I no longer work overnights tho, I moved to days a little before Halloween.  Took almost a $200 a check pay cut by losing the $1.50 overnight differentual.  So that sucks.  Joey moved to days with me.  He still makes more than I did overnight.  So sad.
I no longer play Everquest, which I miss at times.  It's World of Warcraft now, which is a much better game.  I just miss my friends from Everquest.  1 in particular.  We use to talk on the phone, but they have quit talking to me all together since I played.  Guess they weren't a friend afterall.  No loss, I still have my husband and a roof over my head so that's all that matters.
I've recently discovered hockey games.  They aren't NHL, they are CHL.  I've been going since around November.  It's quite a rush.  This completely shocks me seeing as I really hate sports.  But there's just something about the games, and the fights are a big plus.  =)  
Well I'm going end this for now, I may try to write some in here, no promises tho.  Don't know life will take me.  I get sidetracked from work and don't know if I'm coming or going.   
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