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Hey, remember me!!! :0
I'm still alive. Just doing the usual. I was going to the YMCA there for a while and working out, but that got exhausting. I don't have enough time as it is it seems and that made things worse.
I'm still quite addicted to EVERQUEST. Can't seem to hardly pull myself away from it. I grew very tired of getting kicked off because of dial up. So we're going to have broadband installed this next Monday.
I got my court date this week. It will be on April 29th. I'm almost there. I then will wait 30 days to marry Joey. After we get our marriage license we have to wait 72 hours before we can get married. We're going to get a justice of the peace. Much easier that way.
Well, I just wanted to keep everyone posted. I didn't forget about you. To all my pen pals, I will try to have your letters out to you. I haven't had any money for stamps so that's why the delay. I've been trying to get this divorce paid off. Money will be tight the next month or so due to getting married and I'm paying off Credit World. So hang in there and I'll get myself back to normal.
Until next time. Later everyone!!
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