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Well I've been glued to the Playstation 2 this past week. I'm quite shocked at myself. Joey had bought Everquest. Well I decide to give it a try and BAM!! I'm addicted. (lol) I've never played this much video games in one week. I've neglected everything else. I figured I'd check my email and post before I get back to it.
Well good news. I went and filed for my divorce on February 26th. So it's in the process. It's costing me $666. (crazy huh? :D) I even managed to find Timmy (my husband). He's living in Melbourne, FL with one of my old friends. I called him up and gave him the lawyer's phone number and told him to contact him. That more than likely he wouldn't have to come down here for the thing. They just needed a signature. Well I called the lawyer up yesterday to let them know that I had Timmy's address and such and the secretary told me that he had already called twice that morning, but Mike wasn't in. And that Timmy was actually on the phone with him right at that moment that I was on the phone. I was quite shocked. I actually didn't think that he'd contact the lawyer. He had even told me after he got into his own place down there that he'd try and send me some of the money that I'm putting out for the divorce. That I highly doubt he'll do, but you never know. He my surprise me. We haven't been together for 4 years now, so he may be a different person. He actually set and talked to me on the phone a little bit when I called. It's good there's no hard feelings about anything. I always said that he'd be a better friend than someone to have a relationship with.
Well that's enough babble. That's to keep everything up to date on what's going on with me.
Until next time. Later!!!
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