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Hello Everyone [1.31.08 - 6.20pm]
[ mood | sore ]

I'm quite amazed this site hasn't been deleted since I haven't used it in so long.  I'm sitting here at home out of work for 2 days.  My backs alittle screwed up from lifting to much at work.  I decided to pull this up and see if it still exsisted and sure enough here it is.  I don't remember how to change the layouts or anything of that nature, but that's all good, no biggie anyway.  
I don't really even know where I left off, I should go back and read some.  I mainly just visit myspace, which I have a new page.  The other one was so impersonal, I ended up having over 5k friends on there.  I can not juggle that many friends.  No way possible. 
I still work at Walmart, which is still a stupid job, but it pays the bills.  I no longer work overnights tho, I moved to days a little before Halloween.  Took almost a $200 a check pay cut by losing the $1.50 overnight differentual.  So that sucks.  Joey moved to days with me.  He still makes more than I did overnight.  So sad.
I no longer play Everquest, which I miss at times.  It's World of Warcraft now, which is a much better game.  I just miss my friends from Everquest.  1 in particular.  We use to talk on the phone, but they have quit talking to me all together since I played.  Guess they weren't a friend afterall.  No loss, I still have my husband and a roof over my head so that's all that matters.
I've recently discovered hockey games.  They aren't NHL, they are CHL.  I've been going since around November.  It's quite a rush.  This completely shocks me seeing as I really hate sports.  But there's just something about the games, and the fights are a big plus.  =)  
Well I'm going end this for now, I may try to write some in here, no promises tho.  Don't know life will take me.  I get sidetracked from work and don't know if I'm coming or going.   

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[9.22.05 - 9.33am]
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[9.22.05 - 9.27am]
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[9.22.05 - 9.03am]
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lol [9.22.05 - 9.00am]
[ mood | devious ]

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[9.22.05 - 8.52am]
[ mood | bored ]

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[9.22.05 - 8.14am]
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[9.20.05 - 10.30am]
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[9.20.05 - 8.00am]

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[9.20.05 - 7.53am]
[ mood | tired ]

LJ Interests meme results

  1. blackwood farms:
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  2. coal chamber:
    A very great band that I miss dearly.
  3. dragons:
    ... Wouldn't it be nice to have one of your own....
  4. ghosts:
    ...they intrigue me... something I would love to know more about
  5. joey jordinson:
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  7. oral sex:
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[9.19.05 - 7.13am]
[ mood | pleased ]

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[9.17.05 - 11.37am]
[ mood | excited ]

Wow... The last I had wrote in here before my last post, I was awaiting my divorce. Well that happened on April 29th. My lawyer informed me right before we walked into the court room that he could waive the waiting period so that Joey and me could get married sooner. For once, me having a big mouth paid off. So he hand wrote on the papers to ask the judge to waive the 30 day waiting period for us to get married. So right after my divorce was final I went across the street and signed up for my marriage license. And get this they told me it had a waiting period as well, but seeing as we got the 30 day waiting period waived that we could go upstairs and have another judge waive that one. So here we are running all over the courthouse all excited and lost as hell. But finally, we completed everything we needed to do. I'll never forget the look on his face when she said I pronounce you man and wife. Joey had this glow to him that I'll never forget. I still think that he would never think that I would get divorced from Timmy. Things have a way of working themselves out for the good.
Speaking of working themselves out for the good. I've been having a problem with my co-manager at work. He's been a big ass to me. I do my job as perfect as I can get it, but he still manages to have a problem with me. The department manager over the area I'm in loves the work I do for, so she backs me 100%. I've been trying to remain under control of my mouth, knowing that is what he could get me for if nething. Well to sum everything up... Last night at work I found at that this coming Friday will be his last day. He finally got his own store. I do feel sorry for whoever gets him. Alot of people will be glad to see him go. It feels as if I had so much pressure lifted off my shoulder. I had to always being looking over my shoulder, just to make sure I didn't do a single fuck up. I can finally breath again.
Several months back our cat Marius got ran over right in front over our house. It sucks to see your animal die. I catch myself calling my other animals his name sometimes. We've rescued a few other animals from work that people dropped off. Probably a month ago, Joey saw a little black kitten behind the building crying in the rain. It was trying to seek shelter. So he put him in our jeep and we brought him home after work. We named him Diablo. Next night this beautiful pregnant cat kept hanging around the front of the store, me being the sucker that I am brought her home. I knew she would be having her kittens soon and I didn't want her to have them outside. Her newly acquired name is Akasha. Then... the next night another kitten was found, had to be same litter of Diablo. He was pretty sick tho, but we brought him home and did the best we could for him. He lasted about 3 days. It was said, I just wish we would of found him the same time as his brother. When we went back to work after our days off they said they had found another kitten that they had taken it to the vet but it had a upper respiratory infection and was dehydrated that there was no hope so they had to put it asleep. :(
We had a couple stay with us for a little while. About a month to be exact. It's just one of those things, hard to leave with people. We didn't throw them out. They got their own place. Which was the plan, help them get out of his parent's house so they could get their own foot in their own place. We still talk to them occassionally. We're not really the greatest of friends. Joey and me are what you could say... very anti-social. We stay in our house when we're not working and do our own thing. Plus I've worked overnights for so long... I really can't stand to be out in the sunlight.
Well I've babbbled enough for today. Until next time....

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Wow... [9.16.05 - 10.16am]
[ mood | relieved ]

It's definitely been quite awhile for me writing in this. I'm always having problems with all of our pcs. So we went out and bought some programs to help us with viruses, spam... u know, all those lovely things that will destroy a computer in a blink of a second.
Well not much has happened. My life is pretty much a repeat all the time. I wake up go to work come home and play everquest afterwards. Then I go to sleep and do it all over again. It's not exactly always like that, but pretty much. It's a small time so you have to improvise. At least I have my Joey. He's the only one that keeps me sane.
I haven't been doing the pen pallin nemore. It seems working graveyards wipes me out. I don't feel like doing much of anything.
We just got our jeep back this morning. Big relief!! This past Saturday a truck had drove by my house and a rock flew up and busted out the window. So that was great. $250 for a deductible... thank god for insurance. The window alone was 500. Get this the loaner vehicle they gave us to use was a Cadillac Deville. Thought I was gonna have a flash back from childhood. That's all my dad drove, those and Lincolns. Thank god that vehicle is gone!!!
Man, I don't even know where I left off in here. I'm gonna have to go back and reread stuff. The memory is not like it use to be. We've had to reinstall all our computers, so I lost all my pictures and everything, so I'm gonna have to go searching for some more. Which sucks, I had some great pictures. My journal needs a new as well, but I don't understand html whatsoever. What little bit I did know... well it's lost. I have no clue. No computer knowledge at all for me. I had a class back in junior high, but that was before there was even mouses... so u can imagine. And if I could remember back to 7th grade that would be great. I'm not old, but I'm definitely not a teenager nemore. And many many drugs later... the memory is shot.
Well I need to try my best to stop in more. So far this thing has been up and running for 2 days and it seems to be doing great. No pop-ups!! Which is the first program that has actuallly did what it said it would do. Shocker there.
Well let me get back to everyone.
...It's good to be back!!

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[4.12.04 - 9.35am]
[ mood | hungry ]

Hey, remember me!!! :0
I'm still alive. Just doing the usual. I was going to the YMCA there for a while and working out, but that got exhausting. I don't have enough time as it is it seems and that made things worse.
I'm still quite addicted to EVERQUEST. Can't seem to hardly pull myself away from it. I grew very tired of getting kicked off because of dial up. So we're going to have broadband installed this next Monday.
I got my court date this week. It will be on April 29th. I'm almost there. I then will wait 30 days to marry Joey. After we get our marriage license we have to wait 72 hours before we can get married. We're going to get a justice of the peace. Much easier that way.
Well, I just wanted to keep everyone posted. I didn't forget about you. To all my pen pals, I will try to have your letters out to you. I haven't had any money for stamps so that's why the delay. I've been trying to get this divorce paid off. Money will be tight the next month or so due to getting married and I'm paying off Credit World. So hang in there and I'll get myself back to normal.
Until next time. Later everyone!!

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[3.3.04 - 2.12am]
[ mood | awake ]

Well I've been glued to the Playstation 2 this past week. I'm quite shocked at myself. Joey had bought Everquest. Well I decide to give it a try and BAM!! I'm addicted. (lol) I've never played this much video games in one week. I've neglected everything else. I figured I'd check my email and post before I get back to it.
Well good news. I went and filed for my divorce on February 26th. So it's in the process. It's costing me $666. (crazy huh? :D) I even managed to find Timmy (my husband). He's living in Melbourne, FL with one of my old friends. I called him up and gave him the lawyer's phone number and told him to contact him. That more than likely he wouldn't have to come down here for the thing. They just needed a signature. Well I called the lawyer up yesterday to let them know that I had Timmy's address and such and the secretary told me that he had already called twice that morning, but Mike wasn't in. And that Timmy was actually on the phone with him right at that moment that I was on the phone. I was quite shocked. I actually didn't think that he'd contact the lawyer. He had even told me after he got into his own place down there that he'd try and send me some of the money that I'm putting out for the divorce. That I highly doubt he'll do, but you never know. He my surprise me. We haven't been together for 4 years now, so he may be a different person. He actually set and talked to me on the phone a little bit when I called. It's good there's no hard feelings about anything. I always said that he'd be a better friend than someone to have a relationship with.
Well that's enough babble. That's to keep everything up to date on what's going on with me.
Until next time. Later!!!

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[2.25.04 - 1.49am]
[ mood | pleased ]

This is cute..
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I wasn't even expecting this result [2.24.04 - 10.23am]
[ mood | shocked ]

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